Top 10 Prepper Food And Drinks


By now we all know that food should be VERY high up on your survival preparation list and a must have inclusion to your BOB stocks. Second to water, food is the most important thing that you must always carry with you on your person in a disaster situation.

The type of food, however, is extremely important. You cant just pack half a packet of tootsie rolls and couple of reeces cups and call it a day. no. You must pick all of the food that you carry wisely. We have a few select guidelines that you should follow when picking out your survival food, they are as follows;

  • Mustn’t have the potential to spoil, this rules out any sort of fresh produce such as fruit. Unless you are going to be eating it straight away!.
  • Ideally it will have a fairly high protein content as this will keep you feeling fuller for longer. (Obviously you shouldnt carry JUST meat produce as this does not constitute a balanced diet!).

That being said, here are 10 foods that we feel every prepper should be carrying in their BOB or keeping in their stockpile for when SHFT.

#1 – Tinned Tuna

Tinned tuna is a must have in any preppers food supply. Why?. Tuna has a very high protein content for its weight in grams. Tuna is also very easy to store and wont spoil unless you open it and leave it in the hot, radiating sun for a few days (This we do not recommend!).



#2 – Dehydrated Meats (Beef Jerky)

Dehydrated meats should never be looked over. Meats like beef jerky are also very high in protein and will provide your body with the sustenance it requires. Beef jerky is very light weight and can be carried on your person very easily!.



#3 – Mixed Nuts

It is always a good idea to carry a supply of nuts on your person. Nuts will provide your body with. Mixed nuts are rich in unsaturated fats and low in sodium (f you buy the unsalted variety!). Unsaturated fat will help your body with vitamin absorption and provide your body with energy. Nuts are also VERY high in calories, this is bad for weight loss but when you are looking to survive this can be just the thing you need.

#4 – Pasta

Okay, this one does require SOME preparation but trust me, the prep will be worth it. Pastas have little or no fat content and retain hardly any moisture so they it will not be prone to spoiling. Pasta is also high in carbohydrates to it will provide your body with the energy it needs for any situation.

#5 – Protein Bars And Drinks

You will, obviously have to already have these in your stockpile, however, protein bars and drinks are the perfect addition to any preppers supply. They are, by nature very high in protein which we have already mentioned is awesome for sustenance and will provide you with that full feeling. Some protein bars however are high in sugar so you will need to watch out for these as they can spike your bloody sugar and you may suffer a crash not long after!.


#6 – Coffee

Of course this one has to be mentioned!. Although it is not recommended that you eat coffee straight from the tin. I think I can safely say that most of us suffer from grumpiness and lack of motivation first thing in the morning before we have properly “woken up” and had our morning fix of coffee. Although coffee will do next to nothing to help you feel full it will help your mental alertness and motivation levels, both necessary to survival when disaster strikes!.

#7 – Powdered “Super Greens”

Your body can survive on any sort of fuel that you provide it with, however, this is not ideal and certainly not recommended. We always recommended that you tried to consume as much of a balanced diet as possible with the food that you have at your disposal. Powdered greens are absolutely PACKED with nutrients that your body craves. This will also help to benefit your immune system as well as help keep your body healthy.


#8 – Tinned Beans

Tinned/Canned beans are SO versatile. You can pack tinned beans into almost every one of your meals as there are so many to choose from. Some examples are; kidney beans, pinto beans, baked beans, black beans, etc. Beans are high in fibre and vitamins so you can be sure that your bowel health is being looked after!. Some beans are also high in protein which is always a bonus!.

#9 – Cereals

I know what you’re thinking………Cereals are just for breakfast. Traditionally cereals will be eaten as part of a balanced diet, usually for breakfast. However, cereals are excellent for snacking on whenever you feel like you are flagging and your body is low on energy. We suggest that you steer clear of the cereals that contain a high amount of sugar as these are likely to spike your blood sugar level, sure this will give you energy for a short duration but you will have a low point not long after you have finished and the sugar wears off!.



#10 – Tinned Fruit And Veggies

We have already said that fresh produce should be off of your survival food list, however, tinned goods are completely fine. Tinned fruit an veggies will still provide your body with the required nutrients that it so craves and will also be a source of natural sugars that will provide your body with energy.


I hope that this post has provided you with the information that you can use to go and equip yourself with to go and stock up on the foods and drinks that will greatly benefit you in your prepping journey

Until next time.

Stay Safe Out There.

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