Survival Life – Firekable Review

Warmth shouldn’t be a luxury!….Never be left out in the cold…….EVER!.

A bracelet that doubles up as a fire starter and over 80 feet of precious cordage?

Meet the Firekable!.


Who Makes Them?

The Firekable is provided by the company Survival Life. Survival life is a blog/store that is very prominent in the prepping/survival space. If you haven’t checked them out already, I highly suggest that you do. You can find them here: Survival Life. Survival life have been running multiple deals where the only price you have to pay is shipping, awesome right?.

Build Quality

The Firekable seems to be constructed entirely out on a Nylon sort of material for the cording and plastic for the bracelet clasp itself. This means that the bracelet is highly durable and not prone to snapping or wearing away.


The Firekable is both a means of carrying cordage on your person and igniting a fire. Its features include:


  • Ferro rod and Striker tucked into the bracelet clasp for discreetness and easy access.
  • Bracelet is rot and mildew resistant
  • Ferro rod strikes at 3,000 degrees.
  • Bracelet can be unwound to provide up to 80 feet of cordage.
  • Built in signal whistle



The Good Points

Please Note: Some points have been taken from other reviewers as to provide the most honest review as possible for you.

  • Fire striker, cordage and whistle all rolled into one neat bracelet
  • Aesthetically pleasing and discreet
  • Easy to use – if you can strike a match you can use the Firekable
  • Rot and mildew resistant bracelet

The Bad Points

  • Plastic clasp can be brittle.

Final Thoughts

Overall, if you are looking for a staple to any preppers tool kit then this is for you, with a Ferro rod, Cordage and whistle all rolled into one neat package it certainly wont leave you wanting for will only have to pay for shipping and nothing else!.

Grab Yours While Stocks Last!