Survival Life – Credit Card Knife Review

A knife thats barely bigger than your american express card?………It cant be…can it?

Effortlessly cut through rope. Slice through your fruit and veggies and frighten off even the toughest of attackers.

Meet The Instablade!


Who Makes Them?

The credit card knife is provided by the company Survival Life. Survival life is a blog/store that is very prominent in the prepping/survival space. If you haven’t checked them out already, I highly suggest that you do. You can find them here: Survival Life. Survival life have been running multiple deals where the only price you have to pay is shipping, awesome right?.


Build Quality

The credit card knife is really what it says on the tin. A full blown knife with the form factor of a credit card. Fully folded and ready for transport the credit card knife sits at just 2mm thick (or thin in this case!). Just for reference, this is roughly 1/10 the size of your standard utility knife.

The case itself is made out of plastic, however the blade is comprised of stainless steel for durability, this also means that it wont rust!. The knife is also equipped with a built in hand guard and a safety sheath which ensures that no injury or blunting will occur whilst the knife is being carried in your pocket or backpack.


There are no groundbreaking features on this knife. It is a very basic product but thats what makes it so good, the simplicity. That said, there are a few features that some blades in a higher price bracket dont possess. These are:


  • Protective hand guard – Helps you get a better grip on the casing and stops the knife from slipping out of your hand.
  • Built in safety sheath – This will prevent accidents when you are transporting the knife. This will also go some way to prevent blunting in everyday carry scenarios.
  • Snap-open waterproof locking mechanism – This will prevent the blade from popping open when you dont want it to, this makes it excellent in terms of child proofing.


The Good Points

Please Note: Some points have been taken from other reviewers as to provide the most honest review as possible for you.

  • Exceptionally thin – At around 2mm thick you will barely know you are carrying this knife.
  • Razor sharp – Fitted with a razor sharp surgical blade made out of stainless steel it is resistant to blunting and will not rust like many other blades on the market.
  • Safety – The snap lock will prevent the blade from accidentally popping out during transport.


The Bad Points

  • Thin casing – As the casing is exceptionally thin this may make it too flimsy for some applications.


Final Thoughts

Overall, if you are looking for an inexpensive knife that is razor sharp, ultra thin and extremely portable then look no further, this is the knife for you. If, however, you are looking for a knife to be used everyday for more intensive heavy applications then maybe look for something in a higher price will only have to pay for shipping and nothing else!.

Grab Yours While Stocks Last!