3 Survival Skills That WILL Save Your Life


Modern amenities are exactly that….Modern. We havent always been able to head down to the local mall or convenience store and pick up ready made meals and bottled water for our consumption. What do you think your chances of survival would be if you had to find, kill, cook and prepare all of your meals? Would you be able to purify water at the click of a finger? What about warmth? Would you be able to start a fire whenever and wherever necessary with little or no equipment?.

Today we will be talking about the necessary skills that every prepper should possess to ensure that they have the best chance of survival in case SHTF.


Fire Starting

We will be starting with a very primitive skill. The art of fire starting sounds simple to most, but what if you didn’t have the tools that you take for granted each day to make starting a fire a breeze?. your matches are wet and you forgot to pack your Everstryke match. You’re screwed unless you know how to start a fire with basic items that you can find in the wilderness.

There are a few basic ways to start a fire without any equipment at all, let me start by telling you that these will all require practise and are not for the faint of heart!. This skill will allow you to produce a fire whenever and wherever necessary and can literally be the difference between life and death. The method I have mentioned below is by far and large the most primitive of all.


1. The Hand Drill Method

The hand drill method is by far the most primitive and basic way to stat a fire. This method is the most difficult and only really requires you to work your ass off to make it work, the steps to start a fire using the hand drill method is as follows;

Build a nest of tinder – It is necessary to build a tinder nest as this will be the foundation that will allow your fire to keep raging on. Your tinder nest should be comprised of anything that catches fire like dry leaves or bark.

Cut A Notch Into your Fire Board – Cut a V shaped or round notch into your fire board (your fire board can really be made out of any wood, this will just be used as a tool for the spindle to sit in and rotate to create friction).

Place your dry bark underneath the notch. Your dry bark will be placed underneath the notch in the fire board so that when heat builds up from the friction between the spindle and fire board it will light from the ember produced.

Spin like heck –  Place your spindle into the notch that you have created on your fire board. Once the 2 have mated up you want to quickly spin the spindle whilst moving your hands up and down the shaft. This is the tiring part!.

Go Go Go – Once you seen am ember forming on the fire board you will quickly need to tap it onto the bark so that the ember created can be transferred over. Once the bark has caught the ember you will need to quickly take it over to your tinder nest and drop it carefully into place. You will also need to blow on the tinder to help the ignition process.




Hunting And Fishing

When civilisation falls and your modern conveniences arent there any more you will need to find a way to feed you and your family. Hunting and fishing are one of the most important skills that any prepper should possess. If you cant provide food for yourself or your family then you will quickly find yourself in big big trouble.

We recommend that any prepper should learn how to:

  • Hunt
  • Fish
  • Set Traps
  • Learn how to read the land

These are very basic things that a small percentage of the US population know how to do. Learning all of these skills will put you in front of the curve and in a very good position for when SHTF.




Water Purification

Did you know that almost 2/3 of the human body is composed entirely of water?. Its common knowledge that you can live without food for much longer than you can live without water. Thats why the art of purifying water is invaluable to a prepper.

Knowing what water is suitable for human consumption is also a priceless piece of knowledge as this can also be the small difference between life and death.

The simplest form of water purification is by boiling. If you know how to start a fire you will always have clean and pure water….if you can find it!.

When youre out in the wilderness and severely dehydrated you will most likely drink any water that god gives you but there are a couple things that you should check before chugging down that tin of mucky H2o.

  • Look for clear, flowing water and fill your boots. Stagnant water will be less hygienic but if thats all you have access to then make sure to filter and boil it.
  • Your water should always be filtered, no matter how clean it looks. If you dont have a filter in your BOB you can always use a t shirt or a sock in a pinch. Filtering AND boiling your water can be a bit overkill!.



These 3 skills are necessary for all preppers to possess for when SHTF. If you learn how to do all 3 that I have mentioned you can ensure that you will always be fed, hydrated and warm. Survival is in its most basic form living off of the land, if you can learn to live off of the land then you will be set up for any and every eventuality and know that you and your family will be prepared for just about anything. These are a great addition to having basic first aid skills.

Stay Safe out there.

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