Bug Out Bag Basics

In this post we will be going over the basics of BOB (Bug Out Bags). We will be talking about what bug out bags are all about, why you should have one and what they should have in them.



What Is A Bug Out Bag?

A bug out bag is, in its most simple form a collection of items that you need to survive for at least 72 hours in case of a disaster. As the name suggests the items are usually stored in a bag of some description as this allows it to be as portable as possible, portability should be a huge factor in choosing what items to include in your BOB.


What Should I Have In My Bug Out Bag?

As previously mentioned, your BOB should include all necessary tools/perishables that will allow you to survive for at least 72 hours in case of a disaster happening. Obviously 72 hours is just a minimum, BOB’s can be prepared to allow you to survive for prolonged periods of times should it be necessary.



This is a very subjective list, however, if you include all of these items in your BOB you will be well on your way to having a kick ass BOB that will serve you well.

A Firestarter – This one is self explanatory. You should ALWAYS carry some sort of fire starter on your person, whether it be a pack of matches, lighter or a ferro rod with a striker plate. We talk a lot about the Everstryke match on Doomsday Armory. The Everstryke match includes a ferro rod and wick in a portable package that is good for 15,000 strikes!. The best thing is its completely waterproof so you will be able to ignite a spark, regardless of the weather conditions.


A Knife – Never overlook the basics!. Some sort of knife is a must have in any preppers BOB. A knife will allow you to complete rudimentary tasks with ease. Whether it be cutting rope, cutting down branches, opening tins or even protecting yourself against animals or attackers. We recommend the Credit Card Knife from Survival life. The credit card knife is the same form factor as an AMEX card and will fit in your wallet with ease. The credit card knife even has a fully steel blade for durability.


A Flashlight – Some sort of torch/flashlight should be high up on your BOB list of essentials. If you have to evacuate your home/apartment in the event of some sort of disaster and the power goes out you will need to navigate your way through unknown territory. We recommend the Hybeam Flashlight. The Hybeam flashlight burns bright with the intensity of 24 regular flashlights. The Hybeam also has scalloped ends so you can even use it as a form of defence if necesary!.

A Multi-Tool – When SHTF how will you open your tins, cut through wires and even disassemble pieces of equipment should it be necessary?. A multi-tool should NEVER be overlooked when preparing your BOB. They really are a multi purpose piece of equipment that will allow you to complete many tasks that you may face when you are out in the big wide world when civilisation has perished. We recommend the 7 in 1 Multi Tool From Survival life. The 7 in 1 multi tool includes a Phillips head screwdriver, needle nose pliers, serrated edge, a stay in place clip, wire cutters, a blade and a can opener.


A Compass – During a disaster you may not be able to use your GPS or Maps on your smartphone. What if the satellites go down?. This is where a compass is really an invaluable addition to your BOB. You will need to navigate your way to a position of safety and this will b very difficult should you not have a compass and a map at your disposal.


Emergency Whistle – When disaster strikes, the emergency services will be preoccupied trying to bring peace back to your beloved city. They may not have time to deal with chancers who think this will be a good time to start causing havoc. This will also be a good addition to your BOB if you are with a group of people and you or someone in your group loses their way and cant get back to the group.


Other Additions (Dont Leave Any Of These Behind!)


First Aid Kit – If I was writing this list in order of importance then a first aid kit would most likely be at the top, or at least in second place. Your first aid kit should include, but not be limited to; prescription and non prescription medication, multivitamins (you wont be getting the vitamins that your body requires when not following a varied and balanced diet), immodium in case of Diarrhoea as this can cause dehydration for your body which can be lethal.

Shelter – Since your BOB will equip you for a minimum of 72 hours you will NEED some sort of shelter. We highly recommend that you carry a light weight tent that will not take up much space in your kit as this will at the very least provide you with some sort of protection against the elements.

Clothing – You will need spare clothing, it isn’t up or negotiation. In case of a disaster the weather may not be all sunshine and rainbows, it may be bleak and pouring down with rain. You should carry at least some form of waterproof jacket and trousers as well as thick socks.

Food – Your BOB should include some form of food. We highly recommend; dry rations, tuna tins, trail mix and nuts as these will keep you feeling fuller for longer and wont spoil like fresh produce.

Personal Hygiene Products – When disaster strikes you should never forgo personal hygiene, especially in a camp environment. Germs can spread fast and in some cases be lethal. We recommend that you take at least some form of sanitiser and some toilet rolls. Sanitary towels should also be carried by all of you female preppers!.

Important Documentation and Emergency Numbers – You should always carry personal identification on your person. Disaster situation or not. Social security cards and credit cards should also be carried just in case.

Water purification – You should always carry some form of water purifier. You may not always be able to boil your water to get rid of impurities in your drinking water to water purification tablets can be a god send if you are on the move for a prolonged period of time!.

This list is by no means exhaustive and you should add items that you feel are necessary. We recommend that you dont omit any of the items on this list as we feel that they are the very minimum that any prepper should carry on their person should a disaster occur. We know that any sort of disaster situation will be extremely stressful but having a fully decked out BOB means you will be more prepared than 90% of the population.

Stay Safe.





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