Are You Really Prepared To Defend Your Family?


Being prepared doesnt just consist of prepping your BOB and making sure that your food stockpile is adequately stocked up with all of the goodies that you will need for when SHTF. No, a big part of prepping that people forget about is being mentally and physically prepared to defend yourself and your family whenever it was absolutely necessary. Today we will be talking about exactly that.

Sadly, this world is filled with some……. lets just say “less than upstanding citizens” and leave it at that. When a disaster does happen and civilisation falls to its knees, these sorts of people will more than likely not be prepared. So, what will they do?. They will potentially come looking for people who have spent years and years preparing for the eventuality and try to take what you have built up with whatever force is necessary.

This is why being able to defend yourself and your family is so very important in this day and age. A few years ago if you were to talk in public about fortifying your property, enrolling in firearms training and purchasing weapons people would have most likely called you “crazy” and even “paranoid”. Nowadays, however, it seems to be the accepted thing to do. Just look at the news and you will see terrorists waging war and mobs of people in the street all out of control and ready to use violence at the flick of a switch. This is why YOU need to be prepared both mentally and physically for this eventuality. Would people still say you’e crazy in this day and age for doing what you do?…..Probably not.



What Are Your Self Defence Options?

The Definition of self defence is:

the defence of one’s person or interests, especially through the use of physical force, which is permitted in certain cases as an answer to a charge of violent crime.

To me, this definition is a bit off the mark. I dont feel that physical force is absolutely necessary for you to be able to defend yourself. For example, if you can talk your way out of a hostile situation or go in all guns blazing which will no doubt end in someone being seriously injured, or even killed, which one would you prefer to do?. No doubt you would rather talk your way out of it without the threat of violence ever being needed.


Psychological Self Defence

If at all possible you should always try for to employ a non-violent form of resolution to any threat that you have received. Granted, it may not always be possible for you to talk sense to someone who only has one thing on their mind but you should always aim to employ this method first. If all else fails you can always fall back on physical force. Remember that the best form of attack is defence.


Physical Self Defence

If psychological self defence doesn’t work you still have options. However, you will need to carefully assess the situation before you make any rash decisions or moves. Some things you will need to take into consideration are; Do I really want to fight? Can I outrun them? Do they have a weapon? Can I overpower them?. All serious points that you really need to take into consideration before you get ready to attack.


Weapon Based Self Defence 

In my personal opinion, this is the best form of self defence (apart from psychological self defence) as this allows both the attacker and victim to be on an even playing field. What happens if you’re a 100 lb woman and your attacker is a 300 lb muscled up jail bird? Will you simply tackle him to the floor and physically injure him using your best martial arts moves? Most likely not. You will need to arm yourself with some form of weapon, whether this be a pistol, knuckledusters, mace spray or something else you should seriously take this into consideration.


Mental Preparedness

So you’ve studied Bruce Lee and his flying fists of Fury…….Awesome. What happens next? Are you mentally willing, and able to subdue a potential attacker?.

It isn’t good enough to simply wait until something bad has happened before you decide to prepare yourself. You MUST start preparing right now…..What happens if the world collapses tomorrow and all you have done is read a few blog posts?. Will that make you ready to fight off an attacker? No. You must take action today. Whether that means enrolling yourself in as many classes as possible that mean you can become as familiar as possible with your chosen form of defence or even working on yourself physically so that you WILL be prepared when the time comes….Need to outrun an attacker? start walking, jogging and running to physically prepare your body. Start making yourself look tougher (No, dont get a Mike Tyson tattoo, this almost certainly wont work).

You need to start preparing yourself today for any eventuality that may occur in the future.

Until next time

Stay Safe Out There.






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