Affiliate Disclaimer

Hi Guys, John here.

I think it is massively important that I am 100% transparent with my readers and that is why I have created a small disclaimer regarding the affiliate products that I promote.

What is an affiliate?

The term”affiliate” refers to a person who promotes another persons product to help them increase their sales. It is massively important for vendors of products to have affiliates as they can reach as many people as possible that may be interested in their products. The affiliate is a person who creates that bridge between vendor and user.

I am a member of the clickbank affiliate program primarily.

I have not received any free, or reduced products in return for mentioning them on this site. This means that there will be no bias towards one product or another.

All matters of payment and shipping will be dealt with by the official vendor of the product. I do not take any responsibility for non-received or faulty products. This is your contract with the vendor and all communications should be sent directly to them.

Thank you for reading this important disclaimer.

If you have any queries please dont hesitate to reach out on Facebook or send an email to: